Application Forms and Guidelines

Thank you for your interest in the European Excellence Awards 2013. The submission process is closed. The entries are being reviewed by the jury now. The shortlist will be announced in the week of November 4.



We are looking for public relations, communications, brand building, and reputation management professionals from companies, consultancies, associations and NGOs, whose work has displayed exceptional talent and ability in 2012/2013.

Entry Deadline

The deadline for all applications is October 10th, 2013.


The jury is comprised of leading communications professionals from companies, agencies and universities, as well as governmental spokespersons.

Selection Process

Upon receiving your application, we will first send you a confirmation of receipt by email. Thereafter, our jury will review all entries and choose the shortlist of five projects in each of the available categories. The winners will then be voted on anonymously. In mid-November, we will inform all entrants as to whether their projects have been selected for the shortlist.

Companies or organisations with which jury members are associated may still enter the Awards, however, the juror in question is not allowed to take part in the judging process for their company or organisation.

All applications will be judged on the following criteria: strategy, innovation, creativity, cost-efficiency, results.

Entry fee

The application fee applies per project and per category entered. Your first application will cost 240 Euro plus VAT, and each additional application submitted will cost 190 Euro plus VAT. Please note that applications can only be submitted online. All applications, whether they are shortlisted or not, require the payment of a fee that has to be paid within 14 days after receiving the invoice.The entry fee does not include entry to the Gala Ceremony on December 5th at the Postpalast in Munich.


Applications can only be submitted online. You can start your application here.

All submissions must be completed in english. Entered projects must have taken place after September 30, 2012 (i.e. an integral part of the project must have taken place after this date to be considered). The application for each nomination must contain the following elements.

Describe the main features of your project on our website, including: a) time frame of the project (start, peak, end); b) budget in Euros (this information will not be distributed and plays an important role in helping the jury to assess your project), c) number of staff working on the project; d) weblink to the project (if applicable) ; e) a short description of the highlight of the project. There should also be a short summary of your project at the end of this document, which should be no more than 400 characters long (including spacing and punctuation).

On our website you can describe your project with at most 2000 characters (including spacing and punctuation) with an outline of the project you are applying with. This should include: a) the situation which led to the creation of the project b) the objective of the campaign c) the strategy involved in the campaign d) how the project was implemented e) the results achieved by the campaign.

Supporting material should be carefully selected to illustrate the main points and essence of your project. There is a limit of up to three supporting documents (one document equals one file or copy). The material accepted as supporting material includes, for example, planning documents, press releases, pictures, brochures, powerpoint presentations of no more than 10 slides, movies of no more than 3 minutes/50mb and any online material or other unique media.

For the following categories you are allowed to send in hard copies to support your application:
- 33 Annual Report
- 34 CSR Report
- 35 Company Brochure
- 36 Corporate Advertising
- 38 Employee Publication
- 39 External Publication

Include one picture that best represents your project (for example, the cover of a report, or a picture of your event) which will be used to illustrate your project to the jury, and if it is shortlisted.

Digital format

The following file formats are accepted:

For text: .pdf, .doc

For pictures: .jpg/.jpeg, .gif, .png. (Ideally in print quality; 300dpi)

For videos/movies: .mov, .flv, .avi, .mpg/.mpeg (in the highest possible quality, maximum 50MB, or as a link to a website where the movie can be seen)

For presentations: .pdf, .ppt (Ideally convert PowerPoints into pdf format)


The projects of all finalists will be documented in brochures, on the website ( and at the gala ceremony.

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